How to Play Tank Trouble Unblocked at Home or School

How to Play Tank Trouble Unblocked at Home or SchoolTank Trouble is an awesome maze game played between two players or the computer itself. It basically a tank shooting game where other player kills your tank, or you kills them. Action game enthusiasts love playing this game no matter the age. As the level increases it starts to get more interesting and creative with large explosives and bigger tanks. Though the graphics of the game is nothing extraordinary. They also have the multiplayer gaming available in the online version so you can play against anyone. Like the old games, we used to have in which we could play together in our keyboard Tank trouble has the same feature on the official site. When you destroy other tanks and get your level up you will get some more bonus and achievements. The main thing about winning the game is about control. The better you control your tank, the better your winning chance.

Tank Trouble Gaming Features :

1. It has a total of 40 levels and 5 difficulty modes.

2. You can only use 5 bombs at once.

3. The bomb you fire can also hit you back.

4. The only way to win is by destroying your opponent’s tank and gets your level up.

5. Multiplayer option is available.

6. Crush down your opponent tanks to achieve bonuses.


It’s a very popular game, and due to its popularity, the developers released a few version naming Tank Trouble, Tank Trouble 1 , Tank Trouble 2 , Tank Trouble 3 and Tank Trouble 4 . After a lot of upgrades still the original one is more popular than others.

How to play & Control?

If there are two players, you can use your keyboard to play together. The first player will use arrow keys to move up down and left right. Controlling is not as easy as you are thinking. “M” is used for shooting. The second player will use E,S,D and F for moving the tank and Q for firing at the other tanks. If there’s another player, then he can use the mouse to move the tank and click to fire at opponent tanks.

Why You Need Tank Trouble Unblocked:

The reason you need tank trouble unblocked is because it’s so addictive a lot of schools and isp companies blocked playing the game & visiting the downloading site. You don’t worry there are a lot of websites which turned the game online and you can just visit those sites and play the game from your browser easily and you don’t even have to unblock the game. You can play it anywhere you want either it’s in your school computer where it’s blocked or in your home where you parents don’t allow you to install the game.

mapSo go on and challenge your friends at school and play without any problem. Enjoy!