A Review of Pyramid Solitaire – A Fun Solitaire Game

A Review of Pyramid Solitaire – A Fun Solitaire GameProbably the most popular and addicting solitaire variant, Amber Pyramid Solitaire is ideal for a fast break or a couple of hours of fun. This awesome version of the well-known card game features amazing graphics, a convenient undo feature as well as a set of 12 of probably the most sought after pyramid solitaire games over the globe.

Card Layout

The game is enjoyed with a solitary, well-shuffled pack of fifty-two playing cards, another game which comes to mind is Learn to fly 2 which is also fun. A pyramid of cards is played, comprising of 21 cards formed from 6 overlapping rows. Every single card in the topmost 5 rows is obstructed by 2 cards in the bottom row. Both these cards need to be discarded prior to releasing the card on top, allowing it to be available for play. The 6 exposed cards within the bottom row of this pyramid are obtainable for play instantly. 6 cards are dealt to a reserve underneath the pyramid, each of which is readily available for play.


Cards are turned out from the stock one card at any given time. In case the card cannot be combined with another available card, it’s discarded to a waste heap, the topmost uncovered card of which is always obtainable for pairing. Any time, any set of available cards which total 13, or single uncovered kings could be sent to the discard pile. I have almost forgotten that there is also another popular card game, play world of solitary online and have fun. Obtainable cards are any cards which are totally exposed and also include any one of the 6 reserve cards, the previous card turned out from the stock, the topmost card of the waste heap and any totally uncovered card in the pyramid. Only the 6 cards in the lower row of the pyramid can be found at the beginning of the game, so that as they’re eliminated, they make cards higher up in the pyramid available to you. For a pyramid card to be accessible, it must be entirely exposed by eliminating the 2 cards protecting it. Whenever the stock happens to be exhausted and no further pairs of 13 can be located, Pyramid Solitaire will come to an end.


  1. Click the left mouse button to relocate the cards
  2. Clear as much card lay-ups as feasible
  3. Choose a card that’s one value lower or higher to clear them
  4. Utilize the support cards whenever you do not have other techniques
  5. Use Joker to alter the primary card – just one use
  6. Clear all cards to unlock brand new chapters

Pyramid SolitaireCombos and bonuses

  1. Move the topmost cards to release the snake and also get bonus
  2. The more cards you’ll be able to take away with every move, without using the help cards, the greater number of series points you are going to earn.