Plazma Burst – short review for you

Plazma Burst - short review for you
This game is about two volunteers who are teleported to a certain place to help rescue the earth from destruction. It involves the volunteers using weapons like guns, explosives and full on rug doll physics. Defeating the enemies and upgrading one’s warrior will enable them to protect the planet. The volunteers will be required to reverse any form of threat to the earth.

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The mouse is used to aim and fire the weapons that can be chosen using the 1-9 (numerical keys).
The grenade can be unleashed using the ‘enter’, ‘g’ and ’insert’ keys.
One should use the shift, ‘s’ and ‘down’ keys to crouch so as to prevent the warrior from splitting into two due to the heavy load of ammunition.
To control one’s jumping, ‘space’, ‘w’ and ‘up’ keys are used.
The game can be paused using the ‘p’ key.

As one advances through the levels it becomes harder because the opponents are more powerful and physically heavy. However, one can use the plazma cannon gun to kill them instantly.

So get your game on and prove that you can be a superhero and save the world by playing the burst plazma.