Uphill Rush 6 game guide

Brief Description Of The Game –
Uphill Rush 6 is a new feather in the crown, of the Uphill Rush Game Series. In this action packed game, you can tour on a bicycle or a motorcycle, ride a horse or fly with the jet skis to the finish line, only after passing through the maps of different difficulty courses. The total lives given in the beginning of any map are 5, but as you master the game with high scores, you can earn an extra life. Any player, above 6 years will surely enjoy this game. And the parents need not worry because this game does not have any slang language or any violence.

uphill rush 6
1. MAPS – There are, in all 10 maps in the game, out of which the odd numbered maps (1,3,5,7,9) are exclusively kept aside for the ‘Time Trail’. The even numbered maps (2,4,6,8,10) are to play with computer as our opponent. This 6th version of Uphill Rush includes more number of maps to play, along with the bonus rounds and a special event – ‘Race Your Friends’
2. GAME WEALTH – Like other versions, even this version allows you to increase your game wealth, as you go on advancing the maps levels. This wealth (money) can be utilized to purchase the new attire and better vehicles.
3. BONUS ROUND – This game gives you the pleasure of unlocking the 2 bonus rounds. The first bonus round is unlocked when you complete map number 1,3 and 5. And when you complete the maps 2,4 and 6, second bonus round is unlocked! An additional vehicle is unleashed after beating each of the bonuses round. This new vehicle can be used in the next set of the maps.
4. RACE YOUR FRIENDS – You can get an additional enjoyment by inviting your Facebook friend as well!
5. RACER CHARACTER – You can create the racer character by selecting your choice of gender, and your choice of the costume design and color! The more you collect the game wealth (money) and complete the maps, the more you unlock the different costume outfits.
6. GAME VEHICLES – The vehicles used in this game are highly realistic. To name a few are – Skateboards, Bicycles, Motorcycles, Dirt bikes, Speed boats, Sail boats, Water tubes, Turtles, Ponies! And the beauty of the game is you can customize their colors!


How To Play Uphill Rush 6?
Like all the other games in the Uphill Rush Series – this is also very easy to play just like Happy Wheels series. The original settings of the game controls are as under, but the beauty of the game is, you can customize the key options as per your preference.
* Accelerate – Up arrow
* Reverse – Down arrow
* Lean back – Left arrow
* Lean forward – Right arrow
* Jump and perform stunts – Space bar
* Toggle map on or off – ‘M’ key
* Pause game – ‘P’ key

Uphill Rush 6 gives you an amazing height of excitement and once you complete all the levels, do not forget to rate this electrifying game!


Return Man 3 game review

Return Man 3 is the most favorite version of the popular football game, that’s why we decided to dedicate this website to it. The game was developed by ESPN in 2013 year and soon became very popular because the previous versions of the game were also very good. If we compare the 3rd version of the game with the previous one, we won’t see any significant differences, as the game engine is still the same.

return man 3

Playing Return Man 3 is very interesting, that’s why people of all ages enjoy the game every day, at school or at office. In fact, every person who love American football, will enjoy the Return Man 3 as well. The game is pretty simple – you have to receive the ball and run through the whole field. If you manage to reach the finish line with the ball in your hands, you win the round, if the huge defenders will manage to pull you down, you lose. The game has very good graphics as well as physics of player movements. As you progress in the game, it becomes more and more harder to reach the finish, because new defense players appear on the field.


Happy Wheels Demo @ World-Of-Cheese.Com – Things that you should know

Happy Wheels DemoHappy Wheels demo is the demo or trial of the graphics-based flash game ‘Happy Wheels 2’ created by Jim Bonacci. This game is fun to play. It contains different levels and characters that you can choose from. But it tends to get a bit gory. The character of the game gets torn into bits and pieces as the game continues. All you people out there who enjoy violence and bloodshed, this is the game for you! Additionally, this game is very basic and easy to play. It has very little controls and minimum instructions. Therefore it can be played by anyone. Although it is rated M, that is, mature since it is inclined to get a bit graphic. This game is viewed as comical and exciting by most of the reviewers. It has been positively reviewed by GameSetWatch.com and is considered to be one of the “Best Free Games” by IGN.character

Before starting the game you have to pick a level. You can either choose to create your own level by clicking the ‘level editor’ option or just go ahead and pick one of the featured levels given. After picking a level you have to select a character which you think is most suitable for that particular level. Each of the characters vary in terms of looks and age and have their own vehicles. You can then proceed to play the game. The goal is to complete the level by reaching the end of the level which is marked by a flag hoisted on a pole. You have the option of restarting the level or changing your character. It also has a unique option in which you can view replay’, that is, look back at the replay of how you played the game. You also have an alternative of saving this replay.

The controls of the game are pretty simple. The front, back, left and right arrows can be used to accelerate, decelerate and lean backwards and forwards respectively. You can use the Z key to eject out of the vehicle which the character is using currently. The space bar prompts different actions in different vehicles. For instance, super speed in the wheelchair, hopping in the scooter etc. Other controls of the game include shift + ctrl.

Hopefully this article served its purpose and was able to provide some useful information on the game ‘Happy Wheels’. You are now ready to play the demo of the game. Happy gaming!

Play Bloons Tower Defense 5 and other versions as well

Hello there guys, today I want to present you epic tower defense game from NinjaKiwi – Bloons Tower Defense 5. When this game was first released it made huge impact on gaming community, all gamers around the world started to play this awesome tower defense game all day long. Developers noticed that their game was pretty successful so soon enough they have released second version of the game which had couple of updates in it, mostly new units to deal with hordes of balloons and also some improvements in graphics. It will take us long to describe each version of the game fully so I will just tell you that there are five versions of Bloons Tower Defense and many small expansions as well.

Play Bloons Tower Defense 5 and other versions as wellGame modes
Game features different modes which basically include: easy mode, medium mode, hard mode, deflation, apopalypse and sandbox mode. In order to play last three modes you will have to finish first easy modes otherwise game won’t allow you to enjoy last three hard modes.

Latest and the most popular version – BTD5 with new upgrades, towers and options, play online for free with us. You can also play amazing unblocked Happy wheels game.

Towers and upgrades
Now if you play game for the first time you will have only one tower unlocked – Dart Monkey, after playing for a while you will unlock more advanced towers which have better fire power and other interesting features as well. Totally you will face about twelve main towers which also have different upgrades. You know this is one of my favorite options in this game, not only it has many different towers, but it also allows you to upgrade them as well. Game is pretty complicated and so are your enemies – balloons. They have different types of armor and different speed of movement so be careful and do your best to finish as many levels as possible.

Some tips and tricks
That is all what you need to know about Bloons Tower Defense 5, most of the part you will understand later on in the game when you will face thousands of balloons. Couple of more tips: use slow towers in order to lower balloons movement speed, build couple of AOE damage towers and also build money farms which will grant you some extra resources to get some epic upgrades and many more.

You control whole game with a help of mouse, you don’t need any buttons on your keyboard, all important icons are located on your screen just use your mouse to activate them. If you will hover over the game icons it will display detailed description, which will tell you all about its functions.

sidewide imageP.S. If you want to see some epic battles in the game I have added page where are located YouTube videos, you will see how pro gamers are dealing with this awesome tower defense game and you may also learn a lot of interesting stuff from them as well. Also check our page of game tutorials and guides which will help you to deal with balloons like a boss.