Thrust into the Paper Thin City

Thrust into the Paper Thin CityOf course, it’s all about Stick RPG 2!

Stick RPG 2 is a long waited sequel to Stick RPG. There was a 7 year gap between the two. It was released on April 19 in 2011 by XGen Studios, their official blog is StickRPGHub if you are wondering where to play this game.

In the game, you thrust into a city, where you should find your place among other citizens of the city by building up your stats that include strength, charm and intellect. Each stat provides special bonuses and determine what you will be able to do and the means to do it, whatever it is.

stick rpg 2The city in which the plot takes place is called Paper Thin City. Upon creating your character you get to choose your stats balance as well as your special ability. You can choose from 7 different special abilities:

Photographic memory too cools for school, beef cake, Wall Street wizard, workaholic, warped mind and socially awkward interpretive dancer.

Another feature of the game is karma. You can have either positive or negative karma in the game and that could affect the jobs that you get. Things like buying the fake ID will give you negative karma but buying the regular ID will give you positive karma. There are also other ways of managing your karma.

Positive karma jobs: Policeman, Doctor

Neutral karma: McSticks, Pizza Deliverer, Pro Skateboarder, Xgen Designer, New Lines INC, Milk Man, Rock Star

Negative karma: Hacker, Pimp, Hitman

screen-of-rpg-gameEach job can earn you a special item reward that can only be obtained that way. So, if you want to obtain all the items you have to go through all the jobs!

You start out getting a job at McSticks. Every 5 shifts that you work there you can ask for a promotion.

The game also introduces the feature of marring people. There are different people to marry, and for each one of them you need to do certain things to get them by your side.

There are also “keys”. Keys are used to unlock special places. There are 4 different keys and they are all obtained in specific events or from specific people. These special places you’ll want to get access to are the lab, abandoned warehouse, gangster HQ and mobster tower.

You can acquire different types of weapons in the game where each is acquired in a special way. This could be the funniest game you ever enjoyed, stay with us.


WASD or arrows to move around

Hold shift to run/skateboard/hoverboard